Was The Bible really meant to guide 21st century science & medicine?

The Range of Ideas on This Discussion

No, the Bible tells us nothing about science, medicine, and the natural world, should not be used or even considered in science or medicine, and is strictly a religious text.

While the Bible is not intended to be a reference or authority on science or medicine, God reveals some scientific and medical truths and principles we can interpolate, draw from, and apply today.

Yes, the Bible contains advanced principles and knowledge on science and medicine from which we must draw upon, utilize, and apply. Bible contains information about science and medicine that is still beyond our current knowledge, therefore it is important we use the book to help drive the leading edge and forefront in science and medicine.

Some research questions & resources to get you started:

  1. Can you find scientific principles and laws in the bible?
  2. Does God reveal science to us?
  3. Can the bible help science and medicine?
  4. Does the Bible help science and medicine?
  5. Has the Bible led to any scientific discoveries or knowledge?
  6. Would science and medicine be as advanced without the Bible?
  7. Can we use the Bible to develop scientific theories?


Research Resources

The truth is, we’re working on it.

Essentially, we’ve almost got it done.

Dogmas absolutely should and must go here without question.

Just for fun…

Will we be able to fly in heaven? Walk through walls? Defy the laws of physics and nature?