Can you agree to legally allow same sex marriage without compromising your beliefs?

1. The Range of Ideas

Yes. Maybe. No.


Yes, you can allow same sex marriage without compromising your beliefs because God recognizes all loving mongomous couples regardless of gender. There is absolutely nothing wrong with same sex marriage and it is the right of every loving couple to be able to be wed, legally according to our laws and morally according to God’s law.


Same sex couples should be able to get married if they want, which would not copmromise anyone’s faith, even if their faith holds the belief that same sex relationships are sinful. Marriage is a legal institution made up by society to help maintain order, responsibilities, rights, etc. This is separate from being wed in the eyes of God, which is a matter of the heart and individual, not the state. Therefore, allowing same sex marriage is not an afront to one’s faith, but rather a logical and fair legal right, which should be extended to committed monogomous couples so they are assured the same rights and privlages under the law as heterosexual couples, for example, hospital visitiation, taxation, etc.


No, you cannot legally allow or permit same sex marriage while maintaining the integrity of your beliefs and faith. The bible is very clear in stating that homosexuality is a sin, therefore, promoting, endorsing, and giving any form of sanction to same sex marriage is by definition a compromise of one’s faith.


Some questions to help you get started.

What does the bible say about homosexuality?

Does the bible define marriage?

Does God recognize the legality of marriage according to state and federal laws?

What rights and prileged does marriage provide

Do non married couples have the same legal rights as married couples?

Does legalizing same sex marriage affect the rights of heterosexual marriages?

Does homosexuality justify denying legal rights to any human being?

Does the bible endorse denying anyone of basic human rights and legal protections?

If God tells us to obey the government and laws, does this mean we same sex marriage is okay?

Does same sex marriage negatively affect heterosexual marriage?

Can you allow same sex marriage for good reasons without agreeing with it?

Are there moral and ethical reasons why we should have legalized same sex marriage?

2. Dogmas, Faslehoods, & Doesn’t Matter.

Tear into this discussion & separate out everything that’s untrue & doesn’t matter. Yes, this is probably going to hurt a little.

3. Facts & Truths.

What matters, what’s relevant, what’s real?
Challenge what you thought you knew & look at what actually is.

4. Essentials of Faith

What in this dicussion, if anything, is absolutely necessary for salvation?


Take a deep breath, you’re done with the discussion!
But if you like, here’s a thought just for fun.


What will our relationships with our spouses and others be like in heaven?