Does evolution threaten Christianity?

1. The Range of Ideas

Yes. Maybe. No.


Yes, evolution absolutely threatens Christianity and we must ardently continue to disprove evolution, point out the massive and irreconcilable flaws, and clearly separate it from the creation account in Genesis. The evidence clearly shows evolution is completely unfeasible, and furthermore, the evidence strongly supports the Genesis account of a 6 day creation event and young earth. Accepting evolution is denying God and the bible and draws people to a false truth and life philosophy of relativism, which is the ultimate goal of the devil. Evolution totally takes God out of the equation and was thought up and perpetuated by men who defy God and Absolute Truth. Evolution draws people away from God and has no place in Christian thought, except to point out how absurd it is scientifically and philosophically.


Evolution has the potential to threaten Christianity if not explained and put within proper context. Evolution is supported by a lot of solid evidence, therefore it is important not to pretend these truths do not exist, but at the same time, it is equally important not to deny what God says about creation and human origins. While evolution has a lot of evidence to support it, there are still gaping holes in the theory and science that only God could fill. We need to recognize evolution while at the same time recognizing that it was only possible through divine intervention and intercession. In other words, evolution was only possible through God making it happen. God has left clear and undeniable evidence that there must have been an intelligent being that interceded to cause evolution to happen and proceed, therefore, evolution can help point us to the truth of God, but it also has the potential to point unbelievers toward other faiths and religions, like Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Therefore, we must be active in showing how evolution points to the God of the bible, Jesus Christ.


No, evolution absolutely does not threaten Christianity, faith, or belief in God or an afterlife. Evolution is completely compatible with Christianity and all other faiths and should not be rejected, but rather embraced. Evolution is a fact and Christians can no longer put their fingers in their ears and close their eyes to this truth. If Christians want to be taken seriously, then they must begin acknowledging and recognizing scientific facts, laws, and evidence, which are all God inspired. God would want us to use our intelligence and follow the evidence. Evolution helps us to understand God and our origins better. It is important we do not use the bible or Genesis as a science text because it is and never was meant to serve such a purpose. The creation account is simply poetry and God’s way of explaining a very complicated process to people who, at the time, would never have understood what we know and understand now. Rejecting evolution is more threatening to Christianity than coming to terms with the truth, which is that evolution is a fact and is how God made everything come into being.


Some questions to help you get started.

What is theistic evolution?

Is the Genesis creation account meant to be taken literally?

Has the theory of evolution caused a decrease in the number of people that believe in God?

How does evolution conflict with the bible and God?

Does evolution cause people to fall away from faith?

Does evolution mean there is no God?

Could God have caused evolution to happen?

Does the bible or Genesis hint to evolution?

If there was death and suffering before the first human’s with souls first sinned, was death and suffering part of a perfect creation?

If we evolved, when did the first humanoid get a soul?

If we evolved, was there a first original sin?

If we evolved and death an suffering were a part of the perfect creation before the first sin, how is a post-sin world any different than a pre-sin world?

Can you tell someone about the gospel and gloss over evolution and creation?

2. Dogmas, Faslehoods, & Doesn’t Matter.

Tear into this discussion & separate out everything that’s untrue & doesn’t matter. 0.1emYes, this is probably going to hurt a little.

3. Facts & Truths.

What matters, what’s relevant, what’s real?
Challenge what you thought you knew & look at what actually is.

4. Essentials of Faith

What in this dicussion, if anything, is absolutely necessary for salvation?


Take a deep breath, you’re done with the discussion!
But if you like, here’s a thought just for fun. 

If Adam and Eve were perfect in every way, and their bodies utilized perfect food with 100% efficiency, did they ever have to go to the bathroom?