Nationalism, is it American to be Christian? Is it Christian to be American?

1. The Range of Ideas

Yes. Maybe. No.


Yes, Christianity and American nationalism absolutely go hand-in-hand. America was built on Christianity and Biblical morals, ethics, laws, and principals, which are the very fabric and essence of what America is and what it is to be American. These two cannot be separated or divided out. Whether an American is a Christian or not, they are acculturated into our Judeo Christian system. So it is American to be Christian. And It is Christian to be American. Many founding fathers were Christians and created this new country and constitution to practice their faith. This very spirit of freedom and rights being endowed by God are why Christians and America are synonymous, whether you practice your faith or not.


To be American is to be Christian to some extent, and to be Christian is to be American to some extent. America was and is based and built upon the principles of the Bible, therefore it’s impossible to deny that there is some connection between country and faith. And because America is unique and special in this way, having national pride about that fact is acceptable when done in a moderate and reasonable manner. Being a zealot with regard to faith and national pride is dangerous, unrealistic, and to be avoided, as it leads to extremism and fringe groups and ideology. America seems to have been specially blessed by God. Looking at how America stands with Israel, stands for freedom of religion, human rights, etc, it is very apparent that God has divinely inspired and endowed the country. But these things are tied to America’s actions, not just it’s lingering reputation or past deeds. While God seems to have national pride, like with the nation of israel, He also does not bind His actions with this nationalism. God is willing to let those nations He takes pride in fall when they become evil and work against the things of God.


God doesn’t care about nationalism, America, or any other country. It is not Christian to be American or American to be Christian. These two things are not synonymous, similar, related, or associated in any way, shape, or form. Christians need to catch up with modern times and realize America is not a Christian nation and God does not protect us because we are favored in God’s eyes. America is like any other secular and pagan nation, except our religious freedoms are unprecedented. America is as much a Mormon, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist nation as it is a Christian one. If Christianity is associated with being American, than Christians are doing something wrong, because we should be set apart and distinct from everyone else. When we start to blend in with the rest of society to that extent, Christianity is in trouble, and perhaps dead. Christians need to focus on God and the church, not America, American pride, and nationalism. If America takes a turn for the worst and freedom is eroded, will it still be said America is Christian and it’s Christian to be American? This is all wishful thinking. Christians need to grow up and take a mature and logical view of their faith and country, which should and must remain independent for either to survive.


Some questions to help you get started.

Is God choosing Israel as His chosen people nationalism?

Does America’s Judeo Christian base make it Christian?

Is America a Christian nation?

What percentage of Americans are Christian?

Does national pride negatively effect or compromise Christianity?

Should we impose our Christian morals, values, and ethics on our American heritage?

Should we defend, stick up for, and cheer on America in our churches and among groups of faith?

Should we vote and make national, political, and governmental decisions based on faith?

Should we trust America to protect and stick up for Christians?

Has God divinely protected, blessed, and prospered America?

Has God chosen America like He did Israel?

Should we think of and intertwine our Christian ideology with our national ideology?

Are America and Christianity allies?

If we lived in Europe, would we think of our nationalism and Christianity as being so closely tied as we do living in America?

2. Dogmas, Faslehoods, & Doesn’t Matter.

Tear into this discussion & separate out everything that’s untrue & doesn’t matter. Yes, this is probably going to hurt a little.

3. Facts & Truths.

What matters, what’s relevant, what’s real?
Challenge what you thought you knew & look at what actually is.

4. Essentials of Faith

What in this dicussion, if anything, is absolutely necessary for salvation?


Take a deep breath, you’re done with the discussion!
But if you like, here’s a thought just for fun.

If there is no death in heaven, and therefore no meat from dead animals to eat, will there be some kind of plant that tastes like steak?