Why doesn’t God elect everyone? Is it fair?

1. The Range of Ideas

Yes. Maybe. No.


God does not elect everyone to salvation, and it is completely fair. It is God’s grace that allows anyone to be elected, because we are all imperfect sinners deserving of judgement, therefore, it is fair that every person be damned to hell, but by God’s grace not all are. Actually, what is fair is for everyone to be damned to hell. Fairness dictates that all who meet the criteria of being imperfect sinners should receive the same treatment, which is hell. So if we want God to be fair, we’re asking that no one be elected and no grace be given to anyone. It is a total mystery how and why God elects whom He elects, and why some believe and others do not. Free will and how it factors in to God’s election is also a mystery, one which we cannot even begin to understand in this life. We should be grateful for God’s grace, which leads to the election of some to salvation. And we should be grateful God does not only act out of what is fair and what is not.


God does only elect certain people to be saved and go to heaven, which seems unfair and may be, but being that all humans are imperfect, even if it is unfair, we have no room to complain since we all deserve judgement. However, we should not be so quick to assume that only a confession of faith in this life leads to salvation and being of the elect. We cannot know how or in what other ways God works or chooses to elect individuals to salvation. This is not to say we should not proclaim the gospel message, that faith in Jesus as God and savior leads to salvation. this is the message we should deliver to the world. At the same time, we should be careful not to be too dogmatic and insist this is the one and only way to election and salvation. Think about children, babies, and the isolated peoples that have never heard the gospel and die never having heard it, but recognizing the fact that there is evidently an intelligent and loving creator.


No, it is not fair and not accurate that God does not elect everyone, either on this side or the other side of life. If someone does not believe in God in life, than after they die, they see that there is a God, and then they accept God, God accepts them, and they enter heaven with everyone else. Some people know there is a God before they die and get the benefit of living a more fulfilled life. Whether one is saved now or after death, God elects to save everyone because it is just and fair.


Some questions to help you get started.

What is the doctrine of election?

How is “fair” defined?

What is grace and what does it have to do with being elected or saved?

Do we have a choice in our salvation?

Does God choose only those who do good?

When does God elect us?

Does God elect anyone after we die?

What about the person who has never heard the gospel, are they elected?

Are children elected to salvation by God?

If God did not elect anyone to be saved, would anyone be saved?

Do you have to be elected to be saved, or can you choose God without being elected?

Is fairness and justice the same thing?

Is grace fair?

Is mercy fair?

Is salvation and election possible after death?

2. Dogmas, Faslehoods, & Doesn’t Matter.

Tear into this discussion & separate out everything that’s untrue & doesn’t matter. Yes, this is probably going to hurt a little.

3. Facts & Truths.

What matters, what’s relevant, what’s real?
Challenge what you thought you knew & look at what actually is.

4. Essentials of Faith

What in this dicussion, if anything, is absolutely necessary for salvation?


Take a deep breath, you’re done with the discussion!
But if you like, here’s a thought just for fun.

If both good and fallen angels are immortal and eternal beings that cannot die, how do they fight and wage war?